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Screen used prop invoice used in Janine's office in GHOSTBUSTERS 2


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The Ghostbusters phone number, as seen in the film, is (212) 555-2020.The Ghostbusters address and phone number, as seen on a prop invoice (used in Janine's office), is:110 N. Moore St.New York, NY 10012 (212) 555-6311

The logo used in the movie is unique. Unlike the logo that appears in the marketing materials, it is the original, lost design: the ghost has to legs stepping through the red symbol. After it was designed for the movie title intro, the design was lost, so it had to be redone. However, when it was redrawn they forgot to add in the second leg! So it appears the ghost has only one leg, or a funny-looking tail. You can tell it's meant to be a leg, as there is an indication of a foot and an ankle.

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