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               HELLRAISER 3 Barbie Cenobie Full Barbwire set

This is the full set of very rare screen used Barbie wires, at the top is the very flexible Atkins/Barbie Transformation wire, you see this wire when Peter Atkins the barman at the boiler room nightclub has wire wrapped around his face at the start of his transformation, 
this was filmed in reverse to give the effect that the wire was wrapping round his face,
next is the upper chest wire followed by the mid chest wire then the full chest wire, to the right is the full head Fire/Stunt Head net, all the wires have remains of prosthetic on the ends.
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HELLRAISER 3 SCREEN USED CHAINS / HOOKS crucifiction Head     extraction pin/worm

Set of screen used hooks and chains from HELLRAISER 3, Set consists of Cenobite insert hook,Cenobite "Rake" insert hook (2 Hooks), Cenobite "Rake" insert hook (3 Hooks),  Cenobite Hook, Pillar of souls Pinhead mouth Hook/chain, Pillar of souls Blue-screen chain, Pinhead 'Mock crucifiction' Head extraction pin/worm, And a set of pinheads prosthetic pins, All chains and hooks are made of plastic and made to look very real, All housed in a nice frame with lights.