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                       RESIDENT EVIL, Milla's pistol

This incredibly detailed gun was used during the fast paced action sequences to avoid any injuries or damage as she and the other survivors fight the un-dead in the underground complex. 

Its a 9mm Springfield 1911-A1 Pistol and include minute details such as screws, manufacturers stamps and serial numbers. it has sustained the expected minor wear and tear from their extended use on the action packed set with some knocks.


Prop Views

                                      Resident Evil Virus Vial

Screen used Virus Vial, metal end caps and glass tube, still remains of liquid in the spiral tube, Rare piece from the 1st movie with paperwork from Spfx Technician who worked on the movie..


               Resident Evil Screen used Hive Security ID Badge

Screen used Hive security ID badge in holder, often seen through the movie, Worn by UMBRELLA EMPLOYEES who work in the Underground Hive, some have Orange Biohazard symbols etc.