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    SAW V  HERO Tape recorder / Play me Tape and Chunk of glass

HERO Screen used Tape recorder, Original Play me tape and a chunk of the glass From the unforgettable glass box scene, Glass is made from silicone.


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                                       SAW 5 Autographed script

Original SAW 5 Script, Labeled "EVOLUTION II" on the cover by the Producers in case the secret script got into the wrong hands during filming of the movie.

 On the front of this official SAW 5 script are the following authentic signatures: Tobin Bell ("JIGSAW"), Costas Mandylor ("HOFFMAN"), Betsy Russell ("JILL" - JIGSAWS WIFE), Oren Koules (PRODUCER AND ACTOR WHO PLAYED THE MYSTERY MAN WITH THE ? ON HIS STOMACH IN THE SAW MOVIES) and Producer MARK BURG.